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G&M Geschosse und Mehr

Ø: 17.4 mm | ca. 527 Grain

Art.Nr.: 00233-0001

Cal. .685 (.12) | slug

Cal. .685 (.12) | slug

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Slug cal. .12 / .685

Each bullet is cast by hand and 100% checked for quality!

50 slug shotgun barrel bullets in caliber .12 or .685

Just like Maxi-Ball bullets, these bullets punch circular holes in the disc.

They are loaded in the shot cup, so that there is no lead in the barrel.

Please measure the barrel (field measure) to see if this bullet fits!

Diameter(Approx): 17.40mm, 16.90mm

Overall Height (Approx): 19.70mm

Please note the dimensions of the projectiles so that they also fit the intended barrel!
It's no fun sending bullets back and forth just because the measurements weren't followed.

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